Saturday, January 16, 2010

The ground rules I've been playing by:

These were also the rules in force when I simply posted recipes on my LJ.  I feel silly that it took me so long to codify them for this blog. 

1.  No recipe goes on this blog if I have not tried it.  Usually, I also tweek it to fit my budgetary / taste needs. 

2.  If the recipe comes from a source, I name the source.  If I've cooked something that was inspired by something I saw in a cookbook, but is not a direct recipe, I'll name the cookbook.

3.  Some dishes are grounded in basic vegetarian cooking theory, those I tend not to attribute to any specific book. My three main vegetarian foodie inspirations are:  Claire's Corner Copia Cookbook, Anna Thomas's The Vegetarian Epicure series, the New York Times's Dining In section, and various kosher cookbooks.  (A chunk of my heritage is Central European, and milk-kosher food is as close as I can get to my family's comfort food.)

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