Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cocktails for Classic Movie Buffs

It is, once again, ridiculously hot, so I am going to talk about historical cocktails.  Why? Because I'm long overdue for a history blog -- and what better subject for a history blog than old Hollywood's complete disregard for prohibition?  Also, I've long wanted to post pictures and videos of Buster Keaton and Anna Mae Wong to this blog, and now I finally have an excuse to do it.  That, and even thinking about an Orange Blossom just cools me down.

Orange Blossom

The traditional recipe for Orange Blossoms uses superfine sugar or simple syrup.  I have always found that adding extra sugar to orange juice makes it nauseatingly sweet, so I've left it out.

Virginia Rappe and Maude Delmont famously swilled these during Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's infamous San Francisco party -- the same party that resulted in the death of Rappe and a resulting rape trial for Arbuckle which instantly became one of the first major media circuses of the twentieth century.

1 tumble filled with orange juice
2 jigs of gin
1 wedge of line (squeeze into orange juice and then use as garnish)

If not consumed by scam artists who go on to die at your party, a nice time will be had by all.

Sloe Gin Fizz 

Some versions of this recipe use egg white, however Eric had salmonella once and now I share his anti-egg paranoia.  Once again, I have eschewed Simple Syrup, and I prefer lime juice to lemon.

1 Tom Collins glass or moderately sized tumbler, into which you should pour
1 jig sloe gin
1 jig gin
fill glass with soda water
add lemon or lime to taste

Variations of this drink were much loved by non-movie star Huey Long, but it's also a drink much beloved in "women's pictures" of the 1940's.

I don't have a drink for Buster Keaton, apparently he liked to drink beer.

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