Monday, April 5, 2010

Mr. Crepe, Davis Square, Somerville

My birthday occured a few days before I changed jobs, and we almost scrapped doing anything to celebrate on the day of my birthday because we were worried about spending money.  However, Eric got ahold of a menu for a crepe place I had long been dying to try, and as the prices were exceedingly reasonable I met him up in Davis Square after work, and we gave it a shot. 

We read from a list of savory and sweet crepes, and decided to share the Super Fennel Crepe, which had fennel, tomatoes, mozarella and spinach, and an unnamed crepe with fresh spinach, portabello mushrooms, and basil with a cheese I could choose. (I chose feta.)  I hadn't had a crepe in about five years, and these did not disappoint.  The crepe batter was light and fluffy, and the inner contents were pleasingly crunchy and steam cooked.  The feta was a little salty, but that was my fault, as I chose it.

My only complaint is that Mr. Crepe's tea ordering procedure is a little hard to figure out.  I ordered a cup of tea with my meal, and I was asked to choose the type of tea I would like out of a collection of jars on the counter.   I selected my tea (Jasmine) and then... just stood there while the girl working the counter dealt with several other customers.  I finally put the tea cannister down on the counter in front of the register, and was eventually served a cup of tea, but there seems to have been a lot of unneeded uncertainty involved in this transaction.

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