Friday, February 18, 2011

Stand for Planned Parenthood -- A Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Disclosure:  I have had insurance issues for years, so without Planned Parenthood I'd have a hellish time trying to obtain basic birth control. 

But these are the reasons you should be worried about proposed cuts to funding for Planned Parenthood: 

"Planned Parenthood offers family planning, H.I.V. counseling, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screening and other services as well as abortions, mainly to low-income women. Congress has long barred the use of federal money for abortion, but it provides more than $75 million a year to Planned Parenthood affiliates to support family planning for low-income women. Millions more in federal dollars are provided for sex education and, indirectly, through Medicaid and other programs." (Emphasis mine.)

STD rates are rising

Stand for Planned Parenhood -- sign the open letter here. 

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