Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Presidential Turkey Pardon

I've had a full week of trying to keep up with my day job, attending to relatives, and volunteering.  This is more a mini-rantlet than a full blown post.  Happy Thanksgiving!

You know, I think even if I ate meat, I'd find the Presidential Turkey Pardon a bit sick.  I mean, by its very nature, it acknowledges turkeys as condemned, and what have they done?  Nothing.  Abe Lincoln pardoned Union deserters in the Civil War.  He called them his "legs cases", and opined that if the Almighty God gave a man frightened legs there was nothing to stop his running away on them.*

Now that's sweet and a bit folksy.  The Turkey Pardon?  A show trial by comparison.

*Sarah Vowell -- Assassination Vacation 

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