Friday, May 7, 2010

A little Feastlet: "Scotland Summer" Salad Dressing

I made up this salad when I was a starving American student abroad in the UK, unable to afford... much of anything.  (American-style salad dressing is expensive over there, and I dislike creamy salad dressings so the British-style use of mayo or salad cream didn't really do anything for me.)

Throw chopped cheddar cheese on salad comprised of lettuce, tomato, etc.  Drizzle olive oil and siracha hot sauce over your choice of salad fixin's.    Add whatever other spices may pop into your head (with me it was usually pepper).

Serve with a cheap bottle of Sainsbury's plonk or a pint of Three Shilling.


  1. mmmm siracha sauce. never thought to put it on salad though..

  2. The cheese is to moderate the pepper fire. It's really best for lunch on a hot day.